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  • then went to a transport squadron in

    developm▓ent plan, and launched its first smart model Tiggo 8, a mid- to large-size sport utility vehicle.Dongfeng Motor's passenger vehicle brand Dongfeng Fengguang'

s iX5 smart crossover▓ model was also launched at the same event."W

vice several mont▓hs later. He met Lei

Pure black on white are NOT the optimal colors for reading, an off-white background with a dark gray font produces less strain on the eye.

e will keep upgrading very frequently, a▓nd we will progress with our intelligent manufactu▓ring," Chen Anning, general manager of Chery Automobile, told China Daily.Chen Anning said, "China is leading the world in intellige

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Feng there. Domestic car

nt manufacturing. The slow motion in refreshing car models is not▓ an approach in the intelligent era."The international giants' five-to-10-year duration between each generation of models won't▓ fit into today's customer n

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makers ramp up smart development, connectivity

eeds, while user behaviors are evolving very fast."Chinese OEMs h▓ave setup meaningful levels of automation, that is, integrated well coordinated automation can be titled as having the most intelligent systems in place, acc

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    April 20, 2013

    rs ramp up smart development

    ording to Michael Adick, managing director, auto industry, Accenture Greater China.He told the reporter, "Chinese companies are in gene▓ral in the forefront of

    ▓, connectivity04-1
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    April 20, 2013

    6-2018 16:13 BJTChinese carm

    innovation and intelligent development. The challen▓ge is the meaningful integration of distal intelligent solutions and automation."The next level ▓of this in

    akers are continuing
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    April 20, 2013

    to make p▓rogress in the d

    telligent production system is the digital Integration of the whole supply chain."Zhu Guoh▓ua, executive director of Chery Automobile's intelligent vehicle bus

    evelopment of intell
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    April 20, 2013

    igent connected vehicles by

    iness unit, said the manufacturer will upgrade its entire value ▓chain through digitalization and intelligent technologies."CheryLion is a platf▓orm across all

    leveraging the dom
rands.Two do
for▓m in their latest products which were launched at the event.Chery Automobile revealed its CheryLion intelligent
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